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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1370 – Heart Slaying friction fancy
Zhou Wen endured during the wrecks and looked over Leng Zongzheng’s departing body as feelings stirred on his center.
Zhou Wen didn’t really know what to state. He got occasionally had some thoughts about what Leng Zongzheng experienced mentioned, but he didn’t believe them through as clearly as Leng Zongzheng.
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“Then exactly why do you enjoy dwelling below?” Zhou Wen asked curiously.
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Leng Zongzheng continuing, “In past times, I found myself very frightened we would end up a person like my mother and father, these days, I’m fundamentally no totally different from them. In earlier times, I found myself very worried that Grandpa would depart me. This way, I would personally be on their own nowadays, but that day still came up. I survive right here because I’m scared of loneliness, however, I’ve for ages been by itself.”
On the other hand, taking a look at Leng Zongzheng, Zhou Wen observed that Chancellor Leng wasn’t as challenging to go along with since he possessed thought possible.
The property was very everyday. Simply because it was very moist close by, moss grew at the base of the surfaces. There was also many plants that searched like creepers in the surfaces.
The lawn was very standard. Since it was very moist surrounding, moss developed at the bottom of the the wall surfaces. There was also lots of vegetation that searched like creepers around the walls.
“You’re proper,” Leng Zongzheng reported when he suddenly long his palm and pushed it over the wall surface beside him. The entire lawn and household instantly shattered, converting into fragments that rose up.
To his delight, Leng Zongzheng shook his brain and explained, “No, those two things have already transpired.”
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“Then exactly why do that suits you lifestyle right here?” Zhou Wen requested curiously.
Let Me Game in Peace
Zhou Wen didn’t understand what to state. He acquired occasionally possessed some thoughts about what Leng Zongzheng obtained mentioned, but he didn’t consider them through as clearly as Leng Zongzheng.
Let Me Game in Peace
“You’re correct,” Leng Zongzheng said while he suddenly expanded his palm and pushed it over the wall membrane beside him. The whole property and home instantly shattered, turning into pieces that rose up.
However Leng Zongzheng experienced a household on campus, the spot Zhou Wen was visiting wasn’t on university, however in an inconspicuous back yard on the older center of Luoyang Community.
“Sure, reluctant,” Leng Zongzheng reported. “Folks are terrified of passing away to changing diplomas. Lots of people set the the fear of dying primary, and others placed the the fear of passing away behind various other items. Therefore, every time they experience specific things, they appear to be unafraid of loss. On the other hand, no one is unafraid of death. It’s just that he has experienced something terrifies him more than loss, making fatality lighter in comparison.”
“Chancellor Leng, is your property?” Zhou Wen scaled inside the space and saw how the various decorations were actually very out-of-date, however they weren’t deemed old. They gave off a mediocre and dilapidated emotion.
“Chancellor Leng, is it your household?” Zhou Wen measured up the room and saw the fact that numerous decorations were very outdated, however they weren’t regarded early. They provided off a below average and dilapidated feeling.
Zhou Wen didn’t see something particular from the lawn. In spite of how he explored, people were just daily needs. There have been even numerous merchandise easily readily available from block stalls.
“You’re ideal,” Leng Zongzheng reported because he suddenly lengthy his palm and pressed it around the retaining wall beside him. The complete back yard and house instantly shattered, switching into fragments that increased up.
“Chancellor Leng, is this your home?” Zhou Wen scale along the bedroom and spotted how the numerous adornments were definitely very dated, nevertheless they weren’t regarded medieval. They presented off a mediocre and dilapidated sensing.
Leng Zongzheng had another pull of his tobacco cigarette and pushed the rest of the half it about the concrete bloom mattress beside him. He extinguished the tobacco cigarette b.u.t.t and hit out to flick it in to the trash can can.
After some time, Leng Zongzheng shut his view. Basking in the sunshine, he persisted, “Later on, I assumed carefully. My concern about passing away must be scored third. There are two stuff that position before loss. Should I would deal with those two things, I might rather pick out fatality.”
“You’re perfect,” Leng Zongzheng said because he suddenly lengthy his palm and pushed it on the wall structure beside him. The full yard and household instantly shattered, changing into fragments that increased up.
Zhou Wen stood inside the remains and checked out Leng Zongzheng’s departing physique as emotions stirred in their center.
Leng Zongzheng had another drag of his e cigarette and pushed the remaining part of it on the concrete flower mattress beside him. He extinguished the cigarette b.u.t.t and achieved to flick it within the rubbish can.
Let Me Game in Peace
“You can’t say that. Individuals need to have a place for their hearts and minds to find shelter. A place enabling their minds to recoup and remain nurtured. Maybe this place doesn’t supply you with any considerable assist in solving difficulties, however it can relaxed your thoughts and help you encounter individuals troubles with a relax mind. That is really important,” Zhou Wen mentioned solemnly.

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